The GolfRescues Team

Our Experience

GolfRescues partners, Bill McIntosh, Cameron White, and Mike Kahn (downloadable BIO file at bottom of this page) have combined experience in the golf course business of over 150 years. For the past dozen years, which is the period of adjustment the golf industry is currently facing, Mike Kahn finds himself in the center of the failing neighborhood golf course dilemma. Mike receives calls and emails from all around the USA and Canada from golf course neighborhood residents and golf course owners who are becoming desperate. Homeowners are trying to avoid losses in their property values. Golf course owners are trying to survive.

GolfRescues partners, Kahn and McIntosh, have analyzed and provided reports and recommendations for several neighborhood golf courses. Their work has helped the community boards decide on a course of action. As experts in all phases and components of every type of golf course or country club, the Kahn-McIntosh analysis is very thorough and the key to a community’s realization of what is involved in operating a golf course. 

GolfRescues partner Cameron White is a U.S. PGA member and a licensed Florida attorney. Cameron, who also has a background in golf course operations, is well connected in legal channels throughout the U.S. (Please note, however, that Cameron is licensed by The Florida Bar and is not licensed to practice law in a state other than Florida.)

We are trying to save the loss of hundreds and hundreds of community golf courses. Before GolfRescues takes on any assignment, we provide our clients with verifiable references. Our fees are reasonable, and you’ll have our "fire-us-immediately" guarantee. We'll be there with all our years of experience to help communities save their backyard golf courses.  Our guarantee says, “If you don’t believe we are providing a useful service you can fire us in an instant!”

Our Approach



We are trying to prevent the loss of hundreds of community golf courses. You'll see we are sincere by our reasonable fees and our "fire-us" guarantee. We're trying to help communities that can save their backyard golf courses but need guidance. If you don’t believe are providing a useful service you can cut us lose in an instant!

Ultimately, our goal is to solve the problems that failing residential golf courses face so the course's future will be safe permanently. However, there may be situations where we believe the golf course under review is irreversibly doomed. If that’s the case, we'll say it.  However, it’s far from the end of the process. Then it’s the time we explore alternatives.

Why GolfRescues?


The Golfrescues team of Bill McIntosh, Cameron White, and Mike Kahn have a long history in golf and its relationship with its residential neighbors. 

  • We've always strived for openness and clarity as golf course operators and being good neighbors. 

  • We know the golf course industry through and through. 

  • We've managed community golf courses, so we appreciate the relationship between a golf course and its community - and we're aware that most golf community residents don't play golf. 

Everyone who lives in a golf community has a stake in the fortunes of the golf course. Our mission is to protect the stakeholders.